These Emperor Tamarin Triplets Were Born the Size of a Thimble – With the Cutest Tiny Moustaches

The world’s oldest zoo has welcomed three new arrivals: emperor tamarin monkey triplets who already sport little moustaches despite being just the size of a thimble.

The emperor tamarin is a species famous for its impressive white moustache, and allegedly got its name owing to its resemblance to the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II.

Despite not yet being six weeks old, and their tiny bodies measuring just five centimeters long, these three newcomers are already showing signs of their own trademark facial hair growing in.

The tamarins were born at Vienna Zoo, in Austria’s capital city, on December 1, and are the first offspring of their parents, Tamaya and Purple.

Zookeepers have not yet been able to determine whether the newborns are females or males. But they are already keeping new dad Purple on his toes.

Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck, director of the 270-year-old zoo, explained: “Most of the time the father carries the kittens on his back. If the little ones get hungry, the mother than takes over to feed.”

Stephan said that with each passing day, the tiny monkeys are becoming bolder and are already making their first climbing attempts, with the support of their clawed fingers and toes.

The new monkey family is still waiting for animal godparents. If you want to support the currently closed zoo, you can become a sponsor for 80 euros ($97) per month.